About Us
To make pleasure, tastier!

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. This love is the driving force behind Eclectus. Love for creation, love for quality. Everything we produce is the result of deep thought, many tests and quality raw materials. Among the many options we have to choose from, we choose the ones we consider to be the best. We are in a constant search for the best and we never rest. We seek innovation but we always embellish it with tradition. After all, there can be no progress without tradition. Focusing on taste, we think outside the box. This is our cornerstone.


To make the pleasure tastier! This is our vision for Eclectus. And we will do it by listening to the needs of consumers and modern dietary trends, and creating a range of products that will accompany you at any time of everyday life. After all, life must be full of small pleasures!


To ensure quality, however, it is imperative that each stage from the beginning to end goes through strict control. Every raw material we receive is checked and if it satisfies the criteria it patiently waits its turn for production. Production, packaging, storage and shipment of products are done in a modern space with modern equipment, with specific procedures abiding by all hygiene rules. As a result we are sure that the product created for you, will be exactly as we had imagined.


We were persistently looking for the quality and taste that we wanted our breakfast or snack to have but we could not find it. So we decided to create it. We are Stelios and Maria and we created Eclectus. Two young people with experience in the field of food production and catering, guided by inspiration and originality, we decided to make new tasty routes that will illuminate your pleasure. We have developed products that will be the ideal choice for any time throughout the day. All these, made as natural and healthy as possible. Because in the consumer we see ourselves.


Real taste without quality is not possible. And quality without good raw materials is also not possible. It is of great importance to us to find the raw materials that meet our criteria. Dried fruits without added sugar and organic cereals are just two of the main categories of ingredients we use. We carefully select and constantly evaluate our suppliers and maintain personal contact where possible in order to ensure the quality of what we produce.